My Spin by Tom Campbell

Let's take teacher pay off the table

Just when we might be ready to engage in productive discussions about creating world-class schools in North Carolina another distraction arises. Drop-out rates, common core, testing, charter schools...    Read More

by Tom Campbell   |   April 25, 2014

The Great Debate

I don’t blame Thom Tillis for refusing to attend one of the three televised GOP Senate primary debates. The only mystery is why he (or any candidate) is bothering with any of them. Many of us have...    Read More

by Tom Campbell   |   April 18, 2014

What's the issue?

In little more than three weeks voters will cast ballots in the May 6th Primary Elections. Despite a lot of noise from independent expenditure groups this has been a fairly quiet election cycle. What...    Read More

by Tom Campbell   |   April 11, 2014

For wont of the public trust

The Duke Energy coal ash saga reminds us of the old poem, “For Wont of a Nail.” No doubt you remember that because of a missing horseshoe nail a horse, a rider, a message, a battle, a war and a...    Read More

by Tom Campbell   |   April 4, 2014

A third political party in NC?

Fact: 26 percent of all registered voters are Unaffiliated. More than one in four had the option of registering as a Democrat or a Republican but chose not to do so. Some probably chose to remain...    Read More

by Tom Campbell   |   March 28, 2014